Less Stressing About Morning Dressing

Do you ever find yourself scrambling to find one of your child’s shoes 2 minutes before the school bus pick up? Or it’s a cold morning and your child needs some long pants to wear and they are nowhere to be found? A friend recently told me of her system I thought was a great idea that I’d like to pass along to help your mornings be a little less chaotic.

She bought a hanging fabric shoe rack; the ones with rows of individual pockets. After her Saturday laundry day she takes complete sets of school clothes for her son – pants, shirt, underwear and socks and rolls them up and puts a set in each pocket. That way in the morning he can grab them and dress quickly. If you have a child who likes to choose their own clothes, they could even be in charge of choosing the outfit for each day. If you have a daughter who is a fashionista she could help choose her outfit for Saturday.

Shoes can also be put in the bottom row for a quick find. I don’t know about you, but for me anything that helps save time in the morning and make for a little less contention is a great trade off for a small Saturday job.

Runny Noses

Little kids + cold season = runny noses. Whether it’s a constant, clear runny nose or the kind where they wake up in the morning with a thick crusty mess that makes it hard to breath, it’s not fun for the child or parent.

Kids always seem to run away crying when they see the tissue coming toward them. Why? I think it’s because often we pinch and wipe too hard.

Recently my 21-month-old grandson had a runny nose. I got a tissue and said, “Come here and let me wipe your nose”. I half expected him to turn the other way and take off running. But instead he walked over to me and tipped his head back and let me gently wipe his nose. I surprised myself when I realized how softly I needed to pinch to get his upper lip clean when he held still. His cooperation made me realized that part of my hard nose wiping must stem from the ritual of me chasing the snotty nosed child around the house, hog tying them to immobilize their flailing arms and legs so I don’t get wacked, and then chasing their face around to be able to reach their nose. By that time my adrenaline is so high I WIPE HARD so I won’t have to do it again for a while.

Next time you have a runny nose notice how much pressure you use when you’re wiping your own nose. Next, try pinching hard and see how much it hurts. It does not take much pressure to clean a runny nose. If your child’s nose is crusty try laying a warm washcloth on the area for a little while to make cleaning less painful. Also applying a little Vaseline under a clean nose makes the next wipe easier. Nose wiping does not have to hurt.