Less Stressing About Morning Dressing

Do you ever find yourself scrambling to find one of your child’s shoes 2 minutes before the school bus pick up? Or it’s a cold morning and your child needs some long pants to wear and they are nowhere to be found? A friend recently told me of her system I thought was a great idea that I’d like to pass along to help your mornings be a little less chaotic.

She bought a hanging fabric shoe rack; the ones with rows of individual pockets. After her Saturday laundry day she takes complete sets of school clothes for her son – pants, shirt, underwear and socks and rolls them up and puts a set in each pocket. That way in the morning he can grab them and dress quickly. If you have a child who likes to choose their own clothes, they could even be in charge of choosing the outfit for each day. If you have a daughter who is a fashionista she could help choose her outfit for Saturday.

Shoes can also be put in the bottom row for a quick find. I don’t know about you, but for me anything that helps save time in the morning and make for a little less contention is a great trade off for a small Saturday job.

Be in control of the morning!

Moms, School’s starting!

 Take control of the morning rather than allowing the morning to take control of you.



When I was a very young mom I went to a class where the woman speaking said, “When you get up in the morning, put on lip stick! Your kids hear you better when you are wearing lipstick”. Everyone laughed and I thought, “I don’t get it”. Well, now that I’m an old mom I think I understand. If you get up in the morning and get dressed, comb your hair, put on lip stick, or what ever it is that shows your children that you are ready for the day they will feel like you’re in control and pay attention to you better.

When I had a 13-month-old son I brought newborn twin boys home from the hospital. Thank goodness my mom lived close and was so willing to help. For the first 6 weeks of their lives, she came over every morning at 6:30 am for a few hours to help me. The first thing that she would do every morning was open the curtains in my dark front room and say, “Oh, what a beautiful day!”  That’s not what I was thinking; I was feeling tired, discouraged and overwhelmed. After I nursed the twins, I would go back into my room, alone, and sleep a while, then shower, dress and come out to the front room. There my mom had all the boys dressed and breakfast cleaned up. She would then go home and I could handle the rest of the day.

Why do I tell you this? Because, 30 years ago, even though I felt tired and overwhelmed with my three small children, every morning, no matter what the weather, my mom would let the sunshine into my house and say, “What a beautiful day!” and it had a lasting, positive affect on me. Even if I did not show it at the time, it was encouraging to me.

Now you’re the mom. And sometimes you will wake up feeling tired, overwhelmed, or discouraged. Instead of letting those feeling take over, take control of the morning!  Put on lipstick, open your curtains, tell your kids it’s going to be a great day, sing a song out load, put on some good music, or what ever is your style and take control of your morning: it will empower your children