“Oh Where Oh Where Has Our Teacher Gone…”


Lindsey in Thailand

Lindsey here!  I’m over in hot, humid, tropical Thailand! .  Why am I here? How does it affect you? Well…. I got a job here!  I am going to be spending the next year teaching English to little Thai kids.  That means that you get to hear about teaching from the standpoint of teaching in a different country.

In the last week I’ve seen a centipede, lots of fresh fruit, dozens of crocodile statues (the town I’m in is nicknamed ‘Land of the Crocodiles), fabulous old architecture, a million scooters, and some of the very cutest kid.

The thing about kids and teaching is that many of the facets are universal.  As I share some teaching tidbits this next year you will see that Thai kids have a lot in common with American kids, German students, third graders in Russia, etc.  I am excited for this opportunity that will push me professionally and socially.  I’m also excited to share my insights with you.

So visit us each week to learn more about teaching in Thailand and parenting in the United States. Together we’ll discover how kids all over the world have so much in common.

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