You have our permission!

Happy New Years! We know that lots of you are setting goals and making resolutions for next year.  If ‘have a cleaner house” or “stay on top of cleaning” is on your list then this post if for you!  Even if those aren’t on your list we feel like you might find something here helpful.  When a space (or home) is organized and clean it has a positive affect on a family (or those who live there).  Yes, happier families in 2014!

My mom and I were talking about how we set rules for ourselves—rules about what we can and can’t do around the house and in our daily lives.  Most of them don’t have much reasoning behind them and we probably didn’t even reach the decisions consciously, yet we feel bound to these ‘rules’.  We are here to share some insights we have had about what we allow ourselves to do after receiving ‘permission’ from someone else.   So let’s get rid of a few silly rules we have subconsciously set for ourselves and make our lives around the house a little bit easier!


  You now have our permission to:

Throw a cup of water on the floor and spot mop with a towel.  My mom’s friend (who always seems to have a nice clean house) says that sometimes when her floor is dirty (but she doesn’t have the time/energy/motivation to do a whole official mopping) she will pour a cup of water on the floor, toss down a bath towel, and have a mini dance party on the towel.  Now you can take the time you just saved and read a story to your child.

Run the dishwasher half full.  It feels like it can be a waste of water not to utilize every last inch of space.  We find ourselves waiting to run the dishwasher because there was room for 3 or 4 more dishes.  But then we would forget, have a sink full of dishes and end up in a dish funk.  In an effort to save water or energy we get behind. OR we end up adding the 3 more dishes, starting the dishwasher, and washing a sink full of dishes by hand.  Now did that really save water or time in the end…? No.  So you now have our permission to run your dishwasher before it’s all the way full.

Never leave a room empty handed.   I read this somewhere and thought it was such a good idea!  As I’ve implemented this, it really helps.  It makes cleaning up an integrated task instead of a big chore that takes a chunk of time.   Always carry something with you as you go to another room.  If you walk down the hallway and see something in the wrong place, it takes almost the same amount of time to think, “I’ll get that and put it away later” as it does to pick it up and put it away as you pass it’s home.

Happy cleaning and happy New Years! We hope these tips (and our permission) make your life a little easier!

One thought on “You have our permission!

  1. AGREED! THANK YOU! I also give myself permission to…use a dustbuster to ‘spot vacuum or sweep’….pull my laundry straight out of the dryer, hang up the shirts and spray them with water if there are wrinkles=no ironing (I hate ironing)…use clorox wipes for everything (ex: a quick wipe down keeps the toilet clean, so I only have to deep clean once in a while and I don’t want to vomit from the filth when I do it :)…use the ‘dusting brush’ attatchment on the vaccum when I finally get the vacuum out and suck the dust off of everything I can in that room (tops of curtains, lamp shades, bookshelves, TVs) ’cause I never get around to dusting the regular way and this way is kind of fun :). And finally, I give myself permission to teach my kids how to clean and let them help out, because I need the help and they need to learn AND help, right? :)

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